Every order is shipped in one of our padded golden mailers or Full Herizon Box depending on order size.

    If you placed an earring order, you can expect to receive earring backs, a random Herizing girl earring card, and a light reusable drawstring bag.

    With this being said, the earring cards are completely random and are not necessarily the one showed in the product image.

    We get so excited to package up your order we can barely wait!

    Typically, you can expect your order to show up to your mailbox in a week of placing your order. This time frame does depend on the season and will increase during the Holidays.

    First, take a deep breath. Things happen and we definitely understand. Email us at FullHerizon@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below as soon as you notice.

    We try our best with our protective packaging to keep your new styles safe, but sometimes life has other plans.

    If you do receive broken or damaged items please connect with us by emailing FullHerizon@gmail.com or by filling out the form below. We promise we will make it right!

    Our styles are not just named after affirmations - they embody them. They embody that day when you hit your biggest goals and popped a bottle of champagne for a cute pic.  They embody that day when you sat around the table with your family in your childhood home-sharing memories. They embody that day when you put yourself out there and were rejected (like no really rejected).

    These affirmations weren't just made for the girls who drink overpriced lattes at 5 am after completing their 3 hour morning routines.  They were made for you.

    So hey, maybe you're having a day where you feel like the stars are aligning, or maybe one where you just can't get it together just know we're listening (like really we literally are hanging off your ears right now) and we're here for you.

    Sundays are Fundays & who doesn't want another excuse to party?

    At Full Herizon, we celebrate the end of the week (or start to the next) by celebrating big!

    Our shop is only open for 24 Hours starting at NOON EST ON SUNDAYS. We also send out an email & post a new podcast episode only on Sundays!