Dreamer: Shirah Benarde @NIGHTCAPIT

Kicking off Women’s History Month with a woman who is changing the game! @shirahbenarde founded @nightcapit , the TikTok-viral drink-spiking prevention scrunchie. Her mission is to help protect women at bars or clubs from having their drinks spiked.
After securing one of the fastest deals in Shark Tank history with @lorigreinershark , she has sold over 600,000 units and recently launched in Forever 21 stores. @nightcapit is available for purchase on their website, Amazon, and even TikTok Shop.

Dreamer: Madison Quintero @FULLHERIZON

Madison founded Full Herizon during the pandemic with the mission to uplift women with her lightweight earrings and unique earring card designs. After just 4 years of business she has sold thousands of earrings and is currently in 25 boutiques nationwide.